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Left a few things out (JCRBiskit)

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Left a few things out (JCRBiskit)

Post by JCRBiskt on Tue May 25, 2010 10:21 am

Hello JCRBiskit again.

I will start from the Beginning. Name is Jason aka JCRBiskit. I am 34 yrs old from a little town in Missouri USA called Boonville. I am a lvl 94 Belz SP but workin on obtaining TP.

A few guilds I have been in are UKCelts when I first started playing the game. then I met a few people from RP Golf guild and went there. But they got to where noone was ever on so I left and went to Band of Brothers. Had some Personal Problems that arose so I left them and went to Hired_Drivers until it was terminated then Rejoined with Band of Brothers until approx a week ago. Which leaves me where I am today. Applying for No Rulz

I usually try to play the game atleast 5 hours a day...But usually ends up being about 8-10 hours a day depending on if they wife is off or not.

I have read and absolutely agree with the terms set forth to become a member of No Rulz and will undoubtly do my part to help keep the Guild Room for all to use.

Thank you Again,

Jason Aka JCRBiskit


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