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For New Members of -NoRulz-

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For New Members of -NoRulz-

Post by A_In_NS on Wed Apr 14, 2010 10:59 am

Please, only AFTER you are accepted into the guild do you register on this site.

What We Expect From New -NoRulz- Members

We expect -NoRulz- members to be courteous and share activities with other members.

We defend our guild house, which is the Abel Plena house. We expect members to contribute coupons or to contribute in some other way to help us maintain our guild house. For example, perhaps you can donate Marbles or help organize coupon events.

We understand that people take time off or can not be very active for periods of time. This is fine. Our expectations regarding coupon activities applies to active members.

For new members only, if after 60 days the GM does not feel you are meeting our expectations, then it is at the GM's discretion whether or not your membership in the guild is terminated.

Regarding Marbles

During a coupon event, usually at the start of each coupon cycle, we do make available a few "shared" marbles for those members who play a lot of Abel, but who are unable to afford marbles. These are Marble 10's that are shared among members. Just ask on guild chat if anyone has one available. When you get one, play a few rounds, then pass the marble back to a submaster or onto another member.

Coupon Events

At the start of each coupon cycle, we have a coupon-oriented event that usually lasts 16 days or so -- out of a 60 day cycle. We ask members to have their coupons counted during this period. It is important to have a submaster count your coupons. Just ask in blue chat for a submaster to count before you submit the coupons.

Sharing characters and second characters

We do not want members who have another character in some other guild. We also do not want members who share characters with another person.

How to submit coupons for our Abel house


Applying to -NoRulz-

1. Do not register on the site. That is done only after you become a member.

2. Copy the questions from this topic:

3. Post a Reply in this forum providing the requested information.

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