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Announcing: -NoRulz- Superbowl Party

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Announcing: -NoRulz- Superbowl Party

Post by CuzICan on Thu Jan 31, 2013 6:22 am

-NoRulz- Superbowl Party
On Saturday Febuary 2nd 2013 we are holding a small tourney and sweepstakes event to celebrate the upcoming Superbowl!! Meet in the guild room on Professional 2 at 2pm server time for a quick Superbowl tourney with great prizes!!
Single elimination
60 sec clock
No mulligan
6 holes
Match play
Tie - play 3 hole matches til someone wins
Winners report results to Carolyn when completed
Divisions - decided at registration
Registration - at 2pm server time on Feb 2nd
Tourney starts at 2:15pm server time Fed 2nd right after registration
250 Goeteia I 5
100 P40
Exp Ball Box
150 Goeteia I 4
150 N3
All prizes are handed out at the completion of the tourney. You must be present to win. I estimate it will take approximately 3 hours depending on number of entries.

MacDaddie's (John's) Super Bowl Prediction Sweepstakes
Be the closest 3 to guess the Super Bowl final score and win some MacDaddie NG.

Closest prediction has to have the correct winner picked and then closest score. Tie breakers will be decided by picking the closest predetermined number that is between 1 to 999.

With that being said you bunch of village idiots, post your predictions below for both the Super Bowl score and a random number between 1 to 1000 and the best of luck to one and all.

1st Place ........................... 350,000,000
2nd Place ............................. 250,000,000
3rd Place ............................. 150,000,000

Thank you kindly John!! This will spice up Superbowl weekend for everyone! Please post your guess and your tie-breaker number between 1 to 999 to the correct provided thread. All entries must be posted by 1400 or 2pm server time on Superbowl Sunday. I will mark it closed at that time. Enjoy the fun and best of luck to all of you in both events!


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Re: Announcing: -NoRulz- Superbowl Party

Post by shagger on Thu Jan 31, 2013 12:28 pm

thanks for putting on the tournie !!

i think for the Aussies ( which is a whole 3 of us lol )

thats Sunday the 3rd Feb at 9 am

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Re: Announcing: -NoRulz- Superbowl Party

Post by Aussie-Jack on Sun Feb 03, 2013 3:05 am

Thanks for organising this tourney Carol Smile ,was a bit of fun even though not many Guildies were available to play Sad . Being match play it was good to see how others play particular Able holes, kind of gives a different perspective on the way the game is played. Looking forward to the next one.

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Re: Announcing: -NoRulz- Superbowl Party

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