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Post by P-for on Sun Mar 18, 2012 6:06 pm

1. What ur name Jimmy
2. What ur character name P-Forty
3. Have you ever changed your character name no
4. if i ever changed it what would i change to i wont change it
5. what level is your chacter 73
6. USA
7. How old are you 39
8. List pervious guild you were in Bad_Compony
9. how long were you in the most recent guild idk pretty long
10. how many hours a week to you expect to play whenever i get the chance.
11. List people you know in -NoRulz- none
12. What my Hc on abel 6-
13. why would i like to join -NoRulz- very active guild heard it is the best
14. Please state that you agree what we expect here in -NoRulz- yes i do


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